Project #3: Quick Update

Due to illness, I was unable to make a lot of progress on Project #3. I began camera tracking, started the gray ball match, and started to set up render layers in Maya. I was able to export an .fbx file from Nuke with the camera and point cloud and bring it into Maya as a test.

I plan to continue to refine the camera track, continue to work on the gray ball match with the still frame, and further develop the shaders. I plan to further develop and integrate two motion capture effects this quarter. The first I want to develop further is a motion capture asset with chrome spheres — I plan to adjust the shaders on the spheres. The other effect is a fish-scale pattern that I was able to get working in Houdini but not in Maya last quarter. I’d like to get this effect functioning in Maya so I can further develop the shader and overall look. I plan to try out refractive materials on the motion capture geometry.

  1. First image: Chrome on fish-scale effect
  2. Chrome spheres in quick lighting test — the chrome spheres can be adjusted to be mesh lights
  3. Chrome sphere motion capture integrated into the car project by Adrienne Johnson (Fall 2016)

Author: kaitlinduchene

Lighting and Look Development Artist

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