Project #3: Footage and Troubleshooting

On Saturday, Kevin and I shot footage in a dance studio for our motion capture integration project. We took a few different angles and tried varying the speed of the shots. We also took reference photography and got as many measurements as we could so that we could better replicate the space.

Video Footage


Chrome Sphere HDR Exposures

We took two shots of the chrome sphere, one with the side of the sphere facing the mirror in the dance studio, and one with the side of the sphere facing the open window. It is our hope to potentially stitch these two images together; however, if we are not able to do this for this project, we still felt the extra reference could be beneficial.

HDR Colorspace Issue

Kevin and I noticed after using Automate > Merge to HDR Pro in Photoshop, we would get a result with a color range that we liked. However, when we saved the file out as a Radiance file in .hdr format, anytime we re-opened this HDR in Photoshop, the colors were dramatically different. All of the warm red tones seemed to become dingy and greenish.

We tried saving the file on two different computers, but we still had the same issue. We also double-checked that we were saving as 32-bit, and that the option to automatically tone map was not checked. So far we have not been able to resolve the issue. We plan to also try to bring the .hdr into Maya and see what results we are getting if we switch the settings to linear vs. sRGB. When Kevin tried to save/open the files on his computer, we noticed that Photoshop would give an error message regarding linear vs. sRGB colorspace. However, when I tried to do the same thing in Photoshop on my computer, the same message didn’t appear.

HDR after Merge to HDR Pro
HDR after saving and opening up the file again in Photoshop


When I saved the hdr as a .jpg file instead, the colors were much closer to the HDR that we saw in Photoshop before saving.

Theta 360 Camera

We also took hdr photos with the 360 camera. Kevin used two different methods to attempt to bracket the exposures with the camera. However, we noticed when were uploading the pictures that an odd banding issue occurs in the lower exposure shots.

Method #1:

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Method #2:

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Lighting Integration References

Below are some images of our gray cube and sphere in the environment.

Human Figure References

For size reference within the space, we also took photos of Kevin moving throughout the studio. We took reference from farther away, when Kevin’s reflection was also visible in the studio mirrors, and we took close up reference. This way, we would be able to estimate the necessary size for our motion capture assets.

Item Reference

For this project, we also took reference images of a few different materials. Kevin wants to create a ribbon effect, so we took pictures of pink stain ribbon to better understand the highlights. I am still trying to decide what materials I would like to recreate in a shader, so I took pictures of rock materials (to potentially further expand on refraction to a greater degree in project 3) and I also took pictures of shiny iridescent ribbon. The iridescent ribbon was to gather reference for iridescent materials — I have two effects I might possibly use for Project 3, and I thought about including shaders that have unique properties. However, I know that trying to create an iridescent shader might be too complex for this project (considering the amount of time we have), so we took the pictures for future reference if we are unable to use them now.

Measurements of the Studio Space

Room/floor space: 20′ wide, 35 ‘ 7″ long

Mirror: 22 ‘ 8 ” long

Large window (in HDR sphere):

-Window sill from ground: 2’/2’ 1″

– Window w/ Frame: 6 ft wide (?)

-Window itself: 59 inches

Window by Door (near mirror): 59 in tall, 3 ft wide




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Lighting and Look Development Artist

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