Project #2: Final Version for Submission


Nuke Node Networks

The picture on the left is the foreground node network for this project, and the picture on the right is the background node network for this project. These two networks were connected by a merge over node. Beneath the merge over, I attached an edge blur node.

Hypershade Information

These are the hypershade network and shader values for my purple stone shader.


Texture Maps

The more saturated map is my refraction map, and the less saturated map is my sub-surface map.

Issues I would like to address for the re-submission:

  • The shadow animation – at the moment, it is not at all accurate.
  • Ambient occlusion (both on the object and the ground)
  • Creating more of a shadow for the statue itself
  • Refining reflections to show more detail
  • Noise
  • Adding darker irregularities to the shader, with variations in specularity
  • Getting the shader even closer overall – adding areas of transparency and a ramp mask to create a balance between refraction and sub-surface
  • Double-checking light placement and shadow length
  • Adding light wrap and edge blur (beyond the simple node I threw down)

Author: kaitlinduchene

Lighting and Look Development Artist

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