Project #2: Shader and Gray Ball Update


This render uses the fourth refraction map. This is a render in the master layer, rather than a composite of the render layers.

Current issues:

  • Still too blue overall. The Buddha Stanford model currently looks like a mix between the first reference stone (the one I am trying to match) and the last blue stone.
  • I need to achieve a lighter refraction color/transparent look.
  • The specularity still needs work to achieve a softer, overall feeling.
  • Sparkling, artifacts in Buddha statue.
  • Need to figure out how to get blue-green bounce from table.


Current shader for values for purple stone

Below are the most recent gray ball render and the original gray ball reference picture. I feel that the placement is close, but the shadow, light position, and specular highlight do not match exactly yet. One of my biggest challenges is replicating the blue-green bounce of the table top hitting the gray ball.

Gray Ball Match
Original Gray Ball Reference Photo

Author: kaitlinduchene

Lighting and Look Development Artist

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